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Exploring Career Choices: The Do's and Don'ts

3rd to 5th

Most children start dreaming of their career primarily since family members put those in their minds. They tend to ignore the myriad of opportunities and career choices that have evolved over time. This course does not talk about any specific career or job rather, introduces children to the various ways in which they could contribute to the betterment of society while realizing their interests and strengths. Children will learn about the various factors that they should consider before deciding on a career. Exploration is also very important since one would not know what they might like until they have explored various opportunities. The purpose of this class is to open children's minds in not so obvious ways.

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What Children Would Learn

  • Too many ways to improve human life.
  • What do I enjoy and why?
  • Green technology
  • Human health
  • Technology
  • Services
  • Businesses that give back
  • Financial freedom