South San Jose

Serving Parts of San Jose, Los Gatos and Campbell in the Santa Clara County of California

CompuChild® of South San Jose

Since 1994, CompuChild has been dedicated to preparing children for the academic challenges of tomorrow through technology education today. To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Introduce children to the expanding world of technology, teaching them its functions, capabilities and possibilities.
  • Emphasize collaboration and cooperation in a positive environment.
  • Model proper care and consideration for the computer and peripheral equipment.
  • Utilize a variety of educational software to conduct our classes while focusing on technology curriculum.

Our classes are offered throughout the year. After-School Centers and Elementary Schools, are welcome to contact us to learn more about our program.

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Lego® Robotics

K to 4th

Technology program in Lego Robotics with focus on hands-on model building, drag & drop programming, and understanding of machines such as motors, gears, pulleys, sensors etc. more


Pre-programming Track

K to 5th

These courses instill logical and organized thinking for all sorts of problem solving.

Various national test such as: Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Talented & Gifted (TAG), Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT), Gifted & Talented (G&T), etc. recognize logical thinking as a key skill for high achieving students. more


Introduction to Machines


This technology program has been designed for preschool students to get an early understanding of machines such as wheels, gears, pulleys and axles using fun Lego® blocks. more

About the owner

10_Children Building the Helicopter Model.JPG

Christina Chuang

I am the CompuChild franchise owner of the South San Jose, CA territory. With a strong background in engineering, extensive course work in child education and work experience as a preschool teacher, running this Entrepreneurial STEAM focused children's education franchise comes naturally to me. I got my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osaka University in Japan and worked as a machine programming and design engineer for two years. After that, I migrated to the USA. While I was an engineer by profession, I always loved children and had lots of fun explaining simple concepts in science and technology. To pursue my interest in children's education, I took 15 credits in Child Education and went on to become a preschool teacher and an Instructor of Math, Coding, and Mandarin. I am very patient and as a result, I was able to work really well with the autistic children during my preschool teaching career. As an engineer and educator, I feel that some of the trends in STEM such as robotics, programming, machine learning, data science, etc. are quite strong and children need to be exposed to these subjects early on. In addition to the knowledge of technology, an awareness about applications of these technologies is also critical. That's why, I am excited to bring some very innovative Entrepreneurship focused STEAM programs to the children in my neighborhood.

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