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CompuChild is “Nurturing Ethical and Entrepreneurial Children” through hands-on, interactive, and fun after-school enrichment classes focused on STEM, STEAM, and Entrepreneurship.

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STEM Certified

CompuChild is one of the two children’s education franchises to have received the most prestigious “STEM Provider Certification” from world-renowned, Cognia for its commitment to high-quality STEM education.



The COMPUCHILD franchise has been providing STEM and STEAM based after-school enrichment classes to children at pre-schools, elementary schools, after-school centers and various other venues since 1994. Initially, we were focused on educating children about computers, hence the name – COMPUCHILD. Over time, we broadened our mission to offer all kinds of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs for children. Furthermore, as researchers recognized the value of art in teaching various STEM concepts, we found it prudent for our franchise to focus on STEAM (A stands for art). Most recently, we have expanded the scope of our enrichment programs even further by creating curricula in entrepreneurship.

Aiding Your Child’s Enrichment Through

STEM & STEAM , Finance & Business, Communication and Ethics

COMPUCHILD enriches thousands of children every week through supplemental and after-school programs at child care centers, elementary schools, and community centers in the United States and Canada.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Classes focused on technology and entrepreneurship.

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Find A Location

Teaching throughout the United States and Canada.

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Own A Franchise

Shape a brighter future through children’s education.



COMPUCHILD helps develop and entrepreneurial mindset at a young age by offering interactive and hands-on after-school enrichment classes that are focused on science & technology, finance & business, communication and ethics.



Science and technology has been the bedrock of innovation on multiple fronts. Whether it be semiconductors, software, automation, clean technology, medical devices, biotechnology, wireless communication or drug discovery, technology has played a key role in innovation.



Technology based art such as image, video and game creation is of great interest to young students which provides an avenue for their creative expression. Students learn to present their ideas and participate in active discussions to understand the value of effective communication.

COMPUCHILD helps develop and entrepreneurial mindset at a young age by offering interactive and hands-on after-school enrichment classes that are focused on science & technology, finance & business, communication and ethics.

Finance & Business

Our interesting classes introduce students to an understanding of personal finance, money management, business and startups, which are topics that children are generally not exposed to early on.



Ethical context is discussed to derive a perspective that will help students apply their learning for the social good.



As a COMPUCHILD franchisee, you create a better future for the world by contributing to children’s education. The flexibility and independence that comes with running a COMPUCHILD franchise will allow you to find the right work-life balance while giving you the satisfaction of shaping a better future for the society.

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What People are saying

Erin Ramlackhan, Franchisee

North Fulton, GA

Thanks for putting together an ad hoc training session this weekend. I really benefited from the training on the newly launched animation course. Your instruction manual is quite comprehensive but you walking us through everything made it really easy for me to follow and understand. I am looking forward to offering this exciting course to my students.

Ruchita Shah, Franchisee

Tri-City, CA

Your training was excellent. I am well prepared to market CompuChild to the schools and after-school centers in my territory. I am confident that my classes will be taught effectively. The lesson plans make it so easy to take this business to the next level and expand by hiring employees.

Toni Holmes, Franchisee

Northeast Arkansas, AR

Love the intranet. Thanks for launching the mobile intranet to connect all the CompuChild franchisees. I am already having conversations about how to respond to some of the questions my students have been asking. It’s great to have a close-knit community to learn from.

Poonam Hiray, Franchisee

North Austin, TX

CompuChild management guided and supported me to win multiple summer camp opportunities within a month of starting my franchise business. I had looked at multiple children’s education franchise opportunities before deciding to go with CompuChild and I am confident that I made the right choice.

Beryl Lucero, Franchisee

Greenville, SC

During my long-term association, I have been struck by the positive culture and the strong relationship between the franchisees and the franchisors of CompuChild. I have fully enjoyed being a part of this collaborative, respectful, and hard-working team.

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Children’s After-School

Educational Franchise

CompuChild’s unique Entrepreneurial STEAM™ educational franchises introduce children to a holistic learning experience. CompuChild has been offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based enrichment classes to children in the United States since 1994 and recently, the franchise has started to expand in Canada. Understanding the significance of art and humanities in a child’s growth, the franchise expanded its focus to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) almost 5 years ago. By emphasizing STEM subjects in collaboration with Art, our after-school franchises in Canada and the US were able to spark the lights of knowledge and creativity in young minds.

The pace of innovation has continued to grow at an exponential pace into the 21st century and a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation is becoming increasingly critical. Along with topics related to STEM and STEAM, we believe an entrepreneurial bent of mind with genuine consideration for business, communication, and ethics is equally important for successfully addressing the technical and social needs of a progressive society. With this in mind, CompuChild now offers a unique opportunity for you to own an Entrepreneurial STEM™ focused educational franchise business for children. Established in 1994 and franchising since 2001, CompuChild has one of the most proven after school franchise models in the United States and Canada.

Children’s After-School

Our educational values are that by allowing children to innovate, think critically, collaborate and effectively communicate from a young age, we can nourish their minds better! Children who start thinking proactively early on become better citizens and contribute toward social betterment. CompuChild’s after school franchise develops an entrepreneurial mindset among children by focusing on STEM, STEAM, communication, financial awareness and ethics. These tools equip our bright little geniuses with skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

With highly detailed curricula, specific teaching guidelines, tailored business processes, and helpful marketing tips, it’s very easy to get started with our kids education franchise! Our capital light business model keeps the resources needed to start our programs relatively low and easy to access. With effective use of technology and constant communication, we make sure that we are there to support our franchisees in every possible way. We are dedicated to ensuring that our easy to start franchises yield maximum personal satisfaction and the best financial return for our franchisees.