We work with you to outline your territory. A standard territory will contain a minimum total population of 150,000 to 250,000 people and be limited to the legal boundaries of a particular geographic area such as county, town or zip code. We also offer a mini-territory in some rural areas of the country. The smaller territory shall contain a minimum total population of 50,000 to 150,000 people.

During your initial four-day in-person on-line training session we will review various child care centers, elementary schools and private schools in your area to evaluate the feasibility of you teaching there. We will explain what all to look for and how to negotiate an agreement with various centers to help you build your local client base. Elementary schools have a detailed procedure for teaching after-school programs at their location. We will make you aware of all the steps and paperwork needed to secure after-school classes at your local school district. This experience will give you the tools and skill-set to pitch to these organizations and grow your business.

We do not require our franchisees to have a teaching degree. Our system provides all the training and expertise you need to successfully operate your business. What is important is that you enjoy working with children and have good communication skills. You must also be able and willing to learn and follow a prescribed system. You should check with your local and state authorities to determine if they have any special requirements. Sometimes specific schools or centers at which you are teaching may have certain requirements, but we have found that to be very rare.

Over the years, COMPUCHILD has developed a plethora of curricula for its franchisees. We have a unique focus on “Entrepreneurship through STEAM (STEM + Art)”. Every class we offer has an entrepreneurial angle to it. While technology is a great enabler of entrepreneurship and innovation, we realize that no entrepreneur can thrive without good communication skills, a sound understanding of financial principles and an ethical mindset. We have an extensive scope and sequence of skills called “Emphasis Points” that have been incorporated into logical sequential units and lesson plans. We are continually refining and updating our lesson plans to keep them current. Your students will get excited about learning through our interactive and hands-on instructional methods while the unique emphasis of our programs will continue to help differentiate your offerings from other children’s education franchises operating in your area.
We have a fixed monthly royalty fee of $199 for the standard franchise and $149 for the mini franchise. We do not charge any percentage of revenues over a certain threshold as we believe in making sure that our franchisees receive a 100% return on the additional effort that they put into growing their business.

We estimate the liquid capital needs for a franchisee to get started to be approximately $25,000 to $30,000. Details of our startup and ongoing costs are provided on the Investment section of our website.

You can be operating your business within 30 days of our acceptance of your application. As a first step, you can complete the Request Information form on our website to have a COMPUCHILD representative contact you. You are also welcome to call us directly at 1-503-488-5650.

We have a simple 7-step interactive process in place to allow you to learn about COMPUCHILD and conduct your due diligence. These steps have been explained in some detail on the OWN A FRANCHISE page of our website. https://compuchild.com/own-a-franchise

Another important step is to facilitate conversations between you and our existing franchisees. We run a detailed and open process that we can explain in more detail during our program review.