COMPUCHILD’s Entrepreneurial STEAM™ focused enrichment programs are driven by four key focus areas that are important for a successful entrepreneur. Technology, finance & business, communication and ethics.

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Fostering an

Entrepreneurial Mindset

CompuChild enables its franchisees to offer unique after-school enrichment programs that are very well aligned with the evolving career needs of the 21st century. We believe that over the long-run, developing an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to thriving in a fast-changing professional world. While technology education is essential, it alone is insufficient to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. With that realization, CompuChild’s enrichment programs for children are focused on four key themes—science &
technology, finance & business, communication, and ethics.


A Four Pronged Approach to

Entrepreneurial Education

CompuChild’s programs help children develop an entrepreneurial mindset through hands-on and interactive enrichment programs in science & technology, finance & business, communication and ethics



Science and technology has been the bedrock of innovation on multiple fronts. Whether it be semiconductors, software, automation, clean technology, medical devices, biotechnology, wireless communication or drug discovery, technology has played a key role in innovation.



Technology based art such as image, video and game creation is of great interest to young students which provides an avenue for their creative expression. Students learn to present their ideas and participate in active discussions to understand the value of effective communication.

Finance & Business

Our interesting classes introduce students to an understanding of personal finance, money management, business and startups, which are topics that children are generally not exposed to early on.



Ethical context is discussed to derive a perspective that will help students apply their learning for the social good.

Unique Entrepreneurial

STEAM™ Curricula for Children

By focusing on four key themes (science & technology, finance & business, communication and ethics), CompuChild’s franchisees are able to provide relevant education and training to children irrespective of the career they choose to pursue once they grow up.

Stem & Steam 1


  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Logical reasoning

Child worker present analytics and income forecast

Finance & Business

  • Currency and Money
  • Financial Institutions
  • Supply/Demand
  • Business

Pupils using touchpad


  • Blogging
  • Animation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creativity


  • Decision Making
  • Philosophical Enquiry
  • Social Impact
  • Collaboration

STEM Certified

Our lessons provide hands-on and interactive learning. We create a fun, exciting and challenging environment for learning that kids love.