5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital for children to succeed in life. It isn’t limited to the ability to talk. Instead, communication also involves listening, writing, and interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues.

While excellent communication skills come naturally to some children, many children struggle to make themselves understood. Here are 5 ways you can polish your child’s communication skills.

1. Talk to Your Child Regularly

As a parent, it’s your job to initiate and engage in conversations with your children so that they feel encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Small chats during meal prep and car rides can help you know how your child and feeling about the experience. You can also talk to them during the commercial breaks of their favorite shows. You can ask them about their feelings and views regarding the characters’ scenes and actions, etc.

While at it, don’t forget to introduce new words to expand their vocabulary!


2.Role-Play Conversations

Make your child imagine different situations and talk to them about it. Ensure to add cues about the things that they’re uncomfortable talking about with other kids. For instance, if your child faces difficulty mingling with other kids during lunchtime, you can become different people at the lunch table and communicate with your child.

Keep taking mental notes about your child’s responses and explain how they can make themselves better.


3.Focus on Body Language

Understanding body language comes with extensive socialization. While the interpretation of non-verbal cues is vital to your child’s communication journey, many children face difficulty deciphering body language.

During your regular talking sessions, introduce elements of body language with your child. For instance, you can say that “If I’m crossing my arms, it means that I’m angry” or “I feel insulted when you roll your eyes.”

4.Try Conversation Starters

As parents juggling between work and life, it can be challenging to come up with fun conversation starters for your kids. But don’t worry. Start with easy topics like cleaning the car, for instance.

You can say, “I’m thinking about cleaning the car today. Do you think we should do it ourselves or take it to the automatic car wash? Would you be interested in cleaning the bumpers or the tires?

5.Enroll in After School Enrichment Program for Children

At COMPUCHILD, we’ve recognized that exposing your children to the world of technology at an early age fosters collaboration, critical thinking, non-verbal reasoning, and excellent communication.

We’ve designed our Introduction to Machines program to teach the functions and movements related to basic machines. In this module, children learn how machines work and use collaborative exercises to build them.

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