From Static Electricity to Circuits: Children’s Inquiry into the Realm of Electricity

Kids are intrigued by the concept of electricity, creating a spark, or lighting up a small bulb. Teaching them about electric circuits, sockets, and wires is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. It allows them to develop a good foundation for courses in the field of science.

In this blog, we’re sharing some useful tips and tricks that our trained staff implement in science and tech enrichment programs for children at COMPUCHILD. Use these tips to help children understand electricity and deal with complex concepts in advanced courses.

Use Simple Analogies

Use simple, easy-to-understand analogies if you want to help your child understand the core concepts revolving around the realm of electricity.

For example, tell them that an electric current is like a rollercoaster track to teach them how fast it travels from one point to another. And if the path is broken, the current can’t travel any further to light the bulb at the endpoint.

Implement Interactive Activities

We can’t emphasize this enough. Interactive activities are the blood and soul of science classes for kids.

Making them read about electrical concepts will do no good if you don’t expose them to physical apparatus such as circuits, wires, and switches.

To promote creativity in kids, ensure learning is made fun with practical implementation in the science programs at our children’s education franchise.


Reap the Benefits of Our Snap Circuit Course

After you’ve taught kids about the core concepts of electricity, proceed to show them bigger ideas using anchor charts. You can use these interactive boards to communicate the following aspects of static electricity:

  • Protons, electrons, atoms, molecules
  • Alike and opposite forces
  • Electrical shocks
  • The phenomenon of lightning during rain, etc.