Our lessons provide hands-on and interactive learning. We create a fun, exciting and challenging environment for learning that kids love.


Lego® Robotics


Technology program in Lego Robotics with focus on hands-on model building, drag & drop programming, and understanding of machines such as motors, gears, pulleys, sensors etc. Your child will discover robotics and will develop an understanding of key machine parts, basic programming concepts and scientific observations related to the functioning of machines. Students will work collaboratively on building...


Pre-programming Logic

3rd - 6th

From CogAT test by the GATE program to advanced work in computer programming, skill sets such as quantitative aptitude, pattern recognition, non-verbal reasoning, deductive and inductive logic etc. are a must for the success of students. Our ‘Pre-programming Logic’ course has been designed to serve as a foundational course for developing fundamental skills before learning any programming language. Sample...


Introduction to Machines


This technology program has been designed for preschool students to get an early understanding of machines such as wheels, gears, pulleys and axles using fun Lego® blocks. Collaborative building exercises and fun observations encourage children to start thinking about how things work.

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