How to invest in stocks, bonds, and more...

Investing in Stocks, Bonds, and More…

The famous “marshmallow experiment” conducted on young children indicated that understanding the power of delayed gratification is at the heart of people’s ability to invest. It is never too early to expose our youth to investing in passive sources of income such as stocks, bonds, and real estate (even time and effort) as it opens their eyes to the power of delayed gratification. This course has been designed by CompuChild’s outstanding team members with experience at Wall Street investment banks, and big-four accounting firms. We are one of the two national children’s education franchises that are ‘STEM Certified’ by Cognia.

What Children Would Learn

  • Invest to beat inflation
  • Delayed gratification
  • Stocks are ownership in a business
  • You are a debtor when you buy bonds
  • Passive sources of investment
  • Real estate investment