Clean Technology With Electrical Circuits

This innovative hands-on program combines electrical engineering concepts and clean sources of energy. This technology program has been designed for elementary school students to get an early understanding of simple electrical circuits. Collaborative building exercises and fun observations encourage children to start thinking about how things work.

What Children Would Learn

  • Students build circuits and learn about electricity, battery, parallel and series circuits, resistors, switches, transistors, battery etc.
  • In this course we teach basic engineering, electricity and circuitry concepts by building components (musical doorbell, siren, motion detectors, 2 speed fan with lights and many more) using hands-on Snap Circuit kits.
  • Students will use this maker series to learn about the fundamentals of electricity and clean technology. They will learn and build clean energy tools such as electric cars, windmills, solar powered car, and hand-generated power in addition to geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, wind, solar, tidal, hydro, and others. Perfect for environmentalists and future engineers.
  • Students will work on the final project and present in class to demonstrate their learning.