Programming Logic And Flowcharting

From CogAT test by the GATE program to advanced work in computer programming, skill sets such as quantitative aptitude, pattern recognition, non-verbal reasoning, deductive and inductive logic etc. are a must for the success of students. Our ‘Programming Logic and Flowcharting’ course has been designed to serve as a foundational course for developing fundamental skills before learning any programming language. Sample exercises to help gain a sound understanding of key programming skills have been mentioned in the table below. Our goal is to expose students to these basic concepts much early on so they are able to develop key foundational skill sets for a strong technology career in the 21st century.

What Children Would Learn


  • Numerical Reasoning (number sequences)
  • Non-verbal Reasoning (sequences with 2-dimensional shapes)
  • Spatial Non-verbal Reasoning (folding and unfolding of cubes, 3-dimensional)
  • Coding-Decoding (jumbled codes using both letters and numbers)
  • Conditional & Logical Operators (IF-THEN, AND, OR, NOT)
  • Flowcharting: Predicting the outcome of given flowcharts