Video Game Design with AI Scratch

CompuChild is a national franchise dedicated to spreading technology and entrepreneurial education among children through after-school enrichment. We have the distinction of being one of the two children’s education franchises in the US to be ‘STEM Certified’ by Cognia.

With revolutionizing changes in the society and work environment driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we believe technology education is not a choice but a necessity for every child.

While coding is a valuable skill, we believe that the creative idea and imagination behind a simple game is even more valuable and unique. Our Scratch course provides a solid foundation for coding and game design. Students will use Scratch’s visual block coding language to learn fundamental concepts of X and Y coordinates, loops, forever loops, conditionals, variables, functions, if-then-else statements, clones, operators, randomization etc. while building their own games, interactive stories, and more.

The unique feature of our course is that along with the features of Scratch™ 3.0 and Visual Block Coding, students will also get to learn about interesting applications and evolving features of AI to come up with really imaginative ideas to express their creativity through video game design and implementation.

What Children Would Learn