Roblox 3D game design summer camp

Design and Code your Own 3D Video Game with Roblox

Join us in our project based beginner course in 3D game design and programming. Over the duration of this camp, students will gain hands-on experience building and designing OBBIES – obstacle courses of varying complexity – using Roblox Studio Editor and Lua programming language. This fun and interactive way of learning programming will allow students to explore their creative side while mastering vital coding concepts such as variables, IF ELSE conditions, loops, timers, functions, checkpoints and events. By the end of this camp, students will have created their own unique obstacle course they can play with their friends and family.

What Children Would Learn

  • Introduction to Lua Programming Language
  • Use of Roblox Studio
  • Coding and Game Design Concepts
  • If Else Conditions
  • Loops
  • Timers
  • Functions
  • Checkpoints
  • Events