Scratch programming summer camp

Scratch Sprint (Online Coding, 2D Game)

Fully project based class where they make games like Bug Catcher, Dino, Flappy Bat, Maze, Brick Breaker and many more. During this course they will learn if-then block, variables, loops and functions.

Live instructor lessons every week followed by access of tutorials which provide step by step instructions on how to create games and learn coding skills. Instructor assigned work to be completed by students during the week before the next class to keep up with other students.
Low teacher to student ratio.

Students will have access an online account which will provide 40 hours of projects ranging from introductory to advanced level. Definitely a fun and interactive way of learning programming.

Students will be able to send messages to instructor and parents will be able to monitor their child’s progress via our online portal.

What Children Would Learn

  • IF-THEN Block
  • Variable
  • Loops
  • Functions