Shubhra Kant, President

M.S. Library and Information Science, University of North Texas

Shubhra has had a diverse educational and professional background in children’s education, entrepreneurship, library sciences, marketing, information technology, and philosophy. She believes that advancements in technology have catalyzed a fast-changing society, and that these advancements also given us the power to change our civilization drastically for the good or for the bad.

Children are our future, and while a strong understanding of science and technology is important, it needs to be complemented with effective communication, an understanding of economic viability and ethical decision-making to seed a positive entrepreneurial mindset that will truly enable them to shape a better future for our world. This philosophy has led to her emphasis on Entrepreneurial STEAM™.

Shubhra’s passion for early technology education drew her to become a CompuChild franchisee in 2014. She went through the process of launching various new curricula within her territory and at the same time, developing a robust operating model for running a franchise efficiently and effectively. Her efforts were quite successful and she won the “Top CompuChild Franchisee” award for 5 years in a row. Now in a franchisor role, Shubhra believes her experiences could really help every CompuChild franchisees succeed and achieve their goals.

Shubhra aspires to create a children’s education franchise with the best technology and entrepreneurial education focused after school programs, while maintaining the most cost-efficient business model.