Serving Fremont, Newark and Union City in northern California

CompuChild® of The Tri-City in Northern California

We offer LEGO® Robotics classes for Pre-School and Elementary School kids to promote early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in a fun-filled environment. Our specially trained instructors will come to your center with LEGO® Robotics kits, computers and other supporting materials to teach the class.

This program can be offered at Child Care Centers, After-School Centers, Pre-Schools and Elementary Schools as an enrichment program, a core curriculum or an after-school activity.

Our classes are offered throughout the year. Please contact us to learn more about our program.

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3rd – 6th

From CogAT test by the GATE program to advanced work in computer programming, skill sets such as quantitative aptitude, pattern recognition, non-verbal reasoning, deductive and inductive logic etc.

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This technology program has been designed for preschool students to get an early understanding of machines such as wheels, gears, pulleys and axles using fun Lego® blocks.

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About the owner

Ruchita Shah

Ruchita Shah

Thank you for visiting my CompuChild page.

My name is Ruchita Shah. I live in Fremont, CA with my husband and twin daughters. I have a science background with major in chemistry and a passion for working with children. I have been the Program Director of my territory since 2017. Not only does CompuChild’s unique program help ignite the interest in STEM and Entrepreneurship among kids it also aims to create well-balanced individuals. Our programs provide a fun, creative and interactive learning opportunity for children alongside teaching them skill sets for a better tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting many more families and kids

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