Serving Fremont, Newark and Union City in northern California

CompuChild® of The Tri-City in Northern California

We offer LEGO® Robotics classes for Pre-School and Elementary School kids to promote early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in a fun-filled environment. Our specially trained instructors will come to your center with LEGO® Robotics kits, computers and other supporting materials to teach the class.

This program can be offered at Child Care Centers, After-School Centers, Pre-Schools and Elementary Schools as an enrichment program, a core curriculum or an after-school activity.

Our classes are offered throughout the year. Please contact us to learn more about our program.

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K to 5th

Scientific observations related to the functioning of machines. In addition to mechanical robotic parts, students will also be using distance sensors, along with Scratch programming to make their robot achieve multiple tasks.

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Shubhra Kant

Shubhra Kant

Thank you for visiting my CompuChild page.

We are CompuChild of Tri-City, CA, serving residents of the cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City. We strongly believe that children are our future, and while a strong understanding of science and technology is important, it needs to be complemented with effective communication, an understanding of economic viability, and ethical decision-making to seed a positive entrepreneurial mindset that will truly enable them to shape a better future for our world. This philosophy has led to her emphasis on Entrepreneurial STEAM™. We are excited to be serving the Tri-City community with innovative, effective, hands-on, and fun-filled after-school enrichment classes.

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