CompuChild wins at the Math Olympiads, MOEMS

Why Participating in Math Olympiads is a Great Way to Inculcate Problem-Solving Skills Among Children

Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) started back in 1977 thanks to Dr. George Lenchner, who wanted to make kids all over the world awesome at math. They split kids into two groups: elementary (grades 4 to 6) and middle school (grades 6 to 8). Every month from November to March, kids get five tricky math problems to solve, making a total of 25. In 2024, a whopping 120,000 kids from 40 countries joined the fun. This contest isn’t just about numbers—it’s about making kids think hard and get creative with math. It’s like a big math adventure, helping to find and cheer on the next generation of math whizzes!

1. Benefits of Participating in the Math Olympiads

Participating in the MOEMS serves as an exceptional avenue for instilling problem-solving skills in children. These competitions present students with a series of challenging mathematical problems, encouraging them to think critically, creatively, and analytically. Through tackling these problems, children learn to approach complex issues methodically, breaking them down into manageable components. MOEMS fosters perseverance, as students often encounter problems that require multiple attempts and different strategies to solve. Moreover, participating in such contests cultivates a growth mindset, teaching children that failure is a natural part of the learning process and an opportunity for growth. Beyond mastering mathematical concepts, MOEMS enhances students’ ability to apply logical reasoning and systematic thinking to real-world problems, preparing them for success in academics and beyond. Ultimately, involvement in Math Olympiads nurtures a lifelong love for learning and problem-solving, equipping children with invaluable skills for future endeavors.

2. CompuChild’s North Austin Franchise Team Excels in the MOEMS

This year, CompuChild’s North Austin franchise put together a team of 20 students from Laurel Mountain, Patsy Sommer, and Elsa England elementary schools to take part in the MOEMS contest. These students did amazing, both individually and as a team! Every student who completed all the exams ended up with a score in the top 40% of all the students who competed. Half of our CompuChild team members landed in the top 10%, and one-fourth of them were in the top 5%! Plus, one of our team members even snagged the prestigious Dr. George Lenchner Award for getting a perfect score. Overall, the CompuChild crew ranked in the top 10% of all the teams in the Elementary division.

CompuChild Team's Perfect score recipient at the MOEMS

3. Great MOEMS Performance Led to the Invitation to the Central Texas Math Tournament

Because the CompuChild team did amazingly well at the MOEMS contest, 18 of them got invited to join the 2024 Central Texas Math Tournament. It was held at Doss Elementary School in Austin, Texas. These kids took part in all kinds of math battles, both solo and as a team. Our CompuChild crew snagged a bunch of individual awards, plus, after some nail-biting tie-breaker rounds, one of our three teams ended up tying for first place in the whole tournament. CompuChild is bursting with pride over our kids’ amazing achievements!

CompuChild's North Austin MOEMS Team for math olympiads

4. Success Inspires More Children to Participate in Math Olympiads

Excited by the kids’ awesome achievements, Ms. Hiray, the Program Director at CompuChild’s North Austin franchise, and an educator for almost 20 years said, “I started this program to get kids excited about math and it’s been amazing to see them do so well in the MOEMS contest. But what’s even better is seeing them work together as a team and have a blast doing it for a whole year! Our teachers are super awesome—they’ve created a supportive environment where kids can ask lots of questions and have fun with math and other STEM subjects. It’s clear that when kids feel supported and encouraged, they can do amazing things together. And now, more and more kids in our community are eager to join in on the fun!”

5. CompuChild is a Nurturing Partner to Excite Children about STEM and Entrepreneurship

CompuChild franchisees offer a variety of fun and hands-on after-school and enrichment programs for children. They’re all about teaching students about science, technology, engineering, art, math, finance, and business. These awesome classes happen everywhere, from elementary schools to after-school centers, preschools, community spots, and even at special centers. And the best part? They get to do all this while having a blast and feeling like big-time pros! CompuChild can also help you throw the best birthday bash ever!

6. Join Our North Austin Team to Participate in the Next Session of MOEMS

CompuChild’s North Austin team is super excited about the possibilities ahead as they look forward to the next academic year. If you are interested in joining in on the fun journey with math through the MOEMS, contact us right away. Enrollment for the 2024-2025 season will be opening in June. We look forward to welcoming our students to our fall in-person and virtual programs. As an after-school children’s education franchise, we leverage the power of science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, financial literacy, investment, entrepreneurship, ethics, and communication to help children become well-rounded learners who are prepared to excel in life.