Use Screen Time as a Tool to Engage and Bond with Your Child

It is extremely vital to keep an eye on the type of content your child is being exposed to during their screen time. Viewing content and using screens with your child can help you monitor their online activities and is also a great way to engage and bond with your child. If your child is taking an online class for STEM-related subjects, it can be beneficial for you to join them and learn together. This will increase educational achievement for yourself and provide productive bonding with the child.

Learn and Grow With COMPUCHILD

COMPUCHILD offers holistic technology education to enrich the lives of children in the United States and Canada. As a COMPUCHILD franchisee, you can provide holistic learning experiences for children through enrichment programs for children and after school program franchise. We offer low-cost franchise opportunities under $20K in Canada that allows you to boost children’s education through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based classes.

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