4 Advantages of Exposing Your Child to the World of Technology

Parents are often not sure if introducing their children to technology, at a young age is a good idea. According to the U.S. Department of Education, technology can change the way children learn and develop and create an environment that promotes intellectual growth.

This blog talks about 4 benefits of incorporating technology in your kid’s education.

Improves Eye-Hand Coordination

With the help of colorful and engaging smartphone applications, your child can develop and enhance hand-eye coordination. When children follow objects on screens and trace their movement through different activities, they concentrate while trying to synchronize their hands with their eyes. It’s an essential facet of early child development because once your child enters pre-school, they won’t face any difficulties in physical activities.

Promotes Cognitive Development and Gets them Ready for School

Many computer programs are aimed at helping young children build solid foundations to eventually be able to read, grasp understanding of mathematical concept and solve basic logical problems. Exposing your child to technology at an early age can develop their cognitive sensibilities and better prepare them to succeed in school. These sensibilities include applied learning and higher-order thinking.


Robust Spatial Skills

Interactive screen time via educational content on a tablet or smartphone can enhance spatial skills. Through different games and applications, your child can learn the differences in a cat’s size and a building or compare how small an ant is compared to a dog. Spatial skills help your child to make sense of the world around them.

Improves Social Skills

As children improve their language skills, they can better use those skills to string words together and form sentences. It enables them to relate to the people around them. Technology can be used to build collaboration skills that are critical to developing a healthy social life. For instance, in schools, a group of children can solve a problem together. Problem-solving is an essential social skill. If nurtured at an early stage, it can make children confident later in life.


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