A Skill That Matters: 3 Ways to Teach Storytelling to Your Child

During these trying times of isolation and separation because of the coronavirus, everyone — especially children — need to connect with the community, build relationships, and cultivate a sense of self. As parents, you can restore your child’s sense of belonging and self through multivariate storytelling activities.

Storytelling is taking over the world. From advertisements to journalism, businesses to the classroom, storytelling has become an important element in every field. Engaging in storytelling activities with your child will prepare them to face the professional challenges poses at them in future, and COMPUCHILD’s STEM classes for kids plays a massive role in this.

Here are 3 ways you can foster storytelling skills within your children.

1.Personal Storytelling

Telling personal stories is one of the most powerful ways to start teaching storytelling to your kids. Stimulate their creative spirit by asking questions about their experiences with positive outcomes. For instance, you ask them about their favorite present they got last Christmas. When they begin to tell you about it, ask them to elaborate on it. Ask for details. Let them know that you’d like them to imagine the time and describe it. Who was there? Whose house were you in?

To leverage your child’s self-esteem, ask them to tell you about stories in which they were heroes. You can give them prompts like; do you remember the day you rescued the injured kitten from the road? Tell me about the time you found grandpa’s lost keys, etc. Whatever the prompt may be, ask them for details. Telling personal stories like these can enrich their sense of self.


2.Storytelling Games

Mostly, teachers and parents rely on books for stories. But they forget that if they want to enhance creativity and foster a sense of belonging, they must let kids develop their own stories. One way to do that is to play the round-robin group game.

For instance, you can say, “Last Sunday evening, I saw a giant green dragon at the mall!” The next person in the sequence will add a line to this, and so on. It will entice your children to come up with the most creative situations to take the story forward, and you’ll be surprised by their breadth of imagination. It’s a great activity if you’re traveling somewhere or waiting for something.


3.Performance Storytelling

You and your kids can write your stories on paper, draw comic strips, or voice record them. Then encourage them to tell these stories aloud using vocal expressions, gestures, and facial expressions to add dramatic elements. They can tell these stories to other family members or make a video of themselves to share it over the internet. These activities give your children a boost of confidence and promote their community spirit.

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