Benefits of After-School Enrichment Programs

Research shows that school children spend around 80% of their waking hours outside the school, and one in every five children spends most of the day after school alone. Therefore, after school program franchise can foster youth development and help children explore their potential.

After-school programs offer a conducive learning setting for kids to support their emotional, social, academic, and cognitive development. Here are some prominent benefits of after-school enrichment programs.

1.SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

Attending and regularly participating in a STEAM-based after-school program like COMPUCHILD can enhance emotional and social competencies, including intrinsic motivation, prosocial behavior, improved concentration, and self-worth.

Social and emotional learning is a process by which adults and children learn and apply the skills, knowledge, and attributes to foster identities, navigate emotions, achieve collective and personal goals, establish meaningful relationships, develop empathy, and make important decisions.

SEL is a vital component of human development and education that leverages educational excellence and equity through profound individual-community partnerships. It happens through rigorous curriculum, collaborative relationships, and continual evaluation.

These soft skills become vital for workforce development and result in more young people getting appointed in their respective careers. The development of social and personal skills in an after-school enrichment program can lead to positive attitudes and academic achievement in school as well.


2.Academic Support

Enrolling your children in After school educational franchise programs can enhance their academic performance. This claim is backed by a 2021 national evaluation that discovered that over 40% of students who attended after-school enrichment programs saw an improvement in their reading and numeracy skills.

3.School Participation

Research shows that students who attend after-school enrichment programs saw an improvement in their class participation grade. Moreover, they began to adjust better as they progressed to new phases. It also increased school attendance and reduced the number of students who’d drop out.


When you enroll your child in an after-school enrichment program, you ensure adult supervision even after school.

COMPUCHILD Offers Low-Cost, High-Profit After School Enrichment Programs

COMPUCHILD’s after-school and supplemental enrichment programs are focused on Entrepreneurial STEAM™. Our programs prepare kids to communicate, collaborate, and think critically to solve STEAM-related problems in an ever-evolving world of tech. If you’re looking to open and operate a least expensive franchises under $30k, get in touch with us.