Boosting The Emotional Vocabulary of a Preschooler

Most of the time, preschoolers lack the words to describe their feelings. It takes some time for a child to develop introspection. Introspection, also known as the eighth sense, can help children understand and feel what’s going on inside their bodies.

Noticing the feelings and then expressing them through vocabulary is an exercise that can benefit a child in the long run. Here’s how parents and teachers at after school enrichment programs can boost the emotional vocabulary of a child.

Linking body to mind

You can introduce the idea of introspection among your students by reading the book Listening to My Body by Gabi Garcia with them. This book elucidates how feelings and sensations are interrelated. You can challenge the students to write or draw throughout their weekend to see how their inner sensations are linked to a bigger picture of how they feel.


Use Quality Language

As preschoolers are in the process of building their vocabulary, you should speak to them in quality language. Make sure that you use sophisticated and variegated words so that the student’s vocabulary can enrich. Try not to repeat similar words and use synonyms. It will enable the students to bring variation in their descriptions when describing their feelings. For instance, you can use the words sluggish, lethargic, languid, and slothful when describing lazy.

Pay Attention to Accuracy

When it comes to communication, accuracy trumps sophistication. You must teach your students that having nuance in spoken and written language better than being verbose when making an argument or sharing a feeling. It’s after practicing the accuracy that a student can unleash the power of big words.

Use Metaphors

A way to describe a feeling when you cannot find the right word is to use metaphors. Metaphors are used to create exciting comparisons of inner feelings with trivial situations that can help students communicate a complex idea in a simple manner. For starters, you can help the students build metaphors. For instance, if they’re feeling elated, they can compare it to the feelings of a million fireworks. This metaphor alludes to happiness and festivity, and a person will immediately understand what the child is feeling.

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