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How Programming Robots in STEM Programs is Helping Prepare Kids for the Future

We have a gnarly understanding of robots—mostly thanks to Hollywood. From Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey to Jonathan Nolan’s Westworld, people have been conditioned to think that robots are necessarily evil. Then there’s Stephen Hawking warning us against the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Between all of these negative reinforcements, parents are forced to consider bringing their children up as Luddites.

All for nothing, it would seem. Robots include a large variety of intelligent, programmed machines that have other things to do than concoct plans for taking over the world. You don’t exist in The Matrix.

What is a Robot?

Simply put, it’s a machine that carries out mechanical tasks or mimics movements at a faster, more efficient rate than humans. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be humanoid. You have teleoperated robots, autonomous robots, augmenting robots, and pre-programmed robots. From the security system in your house to the machine that so satisfyingly shows chocolate being poured over wafers in mega factories—robots are all around us. And they make life easier.

Robotics is all set to become one of the most important industries in the near future. They’re used in everything from healthcare to military fields, and can change the nature of these industries significantly.

How Programming Robots in STEM Programs is Helping Prepare Kids for the Future_png_85

But How are Robots Helping My Child?

We’ve already explained how important artificial intelligence and robotics are in the future. Forbes thinks—and rightly so—that they will revolutionize the future. And this is a future that your children will grow up into.

The nature of their jobs will be markedly different from what you witnessed growing up. The advancement of artificial intelligence and programmed robots entails the demise of certain more “human” jobs—and brings in a completely new multitude of options.

During the ongoing COVID 19 crisis, robots are coming quite handy with disinfecting hospitals, filling supermarket orders, delivering medication to patients and a lot more.

If you’re smart and visionary about this, your children could have a major role to play in that future.

It’s quite evident that STEM is going to play an important role in shaping our future and your children could play an important role in this future with the right education at the right stage of their life.

What Do Children Need?

So what do you need to ensure that your children or students grow up with the right skillset—one that comes in handy in STEM fields? Here’s what we think they need:

  • Computer skills
  • Excellence in math and computation
  • A quick, sharp mind that can solve puzzles and problems in a short amount of time
  • Logical reasoning, critical and analytical thinking
  • Innovation and inventiveness

Ensuring that your children/students grow up learning the disciplines that matter is the key to securing their future. Enrichment programs that are specifically curated for this purpose could supplement your child’s education and learning

Something like…

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