Importance of Robotics in STEAM Education for Multisensory Learning for Your Child

Robotics and AI are becoming buzz words in our tech-driven world, but our understanding of these is very limited. We link robotics to self-driven cars and chatbots.

While these inventions are important in our lives, the benefits robotics have to offer in bringing the new era of STEAM education can outweigh them.

Multisensory Learning for Kids

Children have higher neural plasticity as compared to humans of any other age. As such, their minds are agile, inquisitive, and thirsty for new experiences. Children use different senses to acquire and absorb information.

STEAM curriculum present in COMPUCHILD’s STEAM after school program franchise can help children reap its benefits for years to come. Combined with a multisensory approach, this curriculum will help young minds to discover and amplify their understanding of concepts—kindling a desire to grow and learn.


Robotics in STEAM

Incorporating robotics and related technologies like AI, programming, and others into STEAM education franchise for children will play a great role in adding value to children’s education in subtle and direct ways.

Robotic technology is specifically aligned to the senses of listening, feeling, and seeing introducing children to technology that forms an economic pillar of the future. Robotics are transforming supply chains, consumer behavior, and manufacturing—opening doors for young minds to tap into the concepts at an early age.

Innovation in Artistic Expression

Just like technology, art is built on an original and imaginative thought process. Whether art takes a final form of a painting, prose, musical composition, or not, it acts as a blank canvas for inspiration and creative thought for robotics. In this, a kid can express in the form of binary codes to see the results.

Moreover, reception through sensation via a multisensory approach to learning activates non-linear thinking and ingenuity—both crucial to creative revelations.


An Example to Illustrate BOT-STEAM

Objective: To assemble a robot and develop an understanding of the assembly through the concepts of STEAM.

How Science?

The skeleton – in the assembly process, every part of the robot is related to parts of the human body. The chassis is the torso, fasteners are the joints, and wheels are the limbs.

Machine dynamics – during the assembly process, the instructor shows and explain to the students what a screwdriver is and how it works. They also explain other simple machines like the pulley, wheel, and lever.

Electrical flow – the instructor will teach students about how electricity flows when explaining a DC motor. They will also explain how DC motors are a safe option for a robot as it conserves electricity.

How Technology?

During the assembly, the instructor will explain to the kids about sensors, motherboard, programming language, and different modes of uploading.

How Engineering?

Students use engineering skills to fix, attach, and align different components of the robot.

How Art?

Students will use their creativity to design the robot and add personality to it.

How Mathematics?

Mathematics is key in the assembly process as children will use concepts of alignment, measurements, weight, specification, management, and configuration while putting the bot together.

COMPUCHILD offers Low-cost High-Profit Franchise

COMPUCHILD’s low cost high profit franchise provides opportunities for children to realize their creative potential.

Our Pre-Programming Track teaches quantitative aptitude, pattern recognition, non-verbal reasoning, inductive and deductive logic. Our Lego® Robotics program for elementary school children incorporates concepts of technology and critical engineering into basic machines.

When children combine this meaningful learning, we encourage them to connect their Lego® models with a computer and program them to add sound and movement—using a multisensory approach to their learning.

COMPUCHILD’s STEAM education franchise doesn’t need you to have an operation center. Franchisees can operate them through their office space or home. Get in touch with us today.