Reasons for Lack of Concentration and Focus Among Schoolchildren

“My son/daughter isn’t paying attention in class” is a common enough complaint—one that educationists and teachers hear all the time. An attention deficit, a lack of focus, and slow work completion are all issues that commonly plague kids—and bother their parents.

It doesn’t matter how many schools you change. Finding a solution to the problem is all about identifying where the problem begins. Before asking, “What do I do if my child is not paying attention in class?” you should be asking, “why is my child not paying attention in class?”

Why indeed?


They Can’t Make Sense of the Material

You might be inclined to think that your child isn’t trying hard enough when they are. You just can’t see the thought bubbles popping up in their minds and the effort they’re putting into their work.

Sometimes, when a child doesn’t have a strong enough training in the fundamentals, they will have great difficulty making sense of the things they see on paper—and this contributes to the slowness. Professionals who have been working with children for a long time can help with a situation of this nature.

No Motivation

You understand how important school education is because you’re a grown-up who has seen and experienced the world. How are you going to make them understand, though? Children can’t understand that they need to “be someone” when they grow up—they just want to grow up.

They know nothing of what a career or academic path entails. When there’s no incentive, they might not end up paying attention at all. Giving a child the right motivation is important, and sometimes, you need to go the unconventional route to ensure this.

Vague Learning Styles

Repeat after us: not all children are the same. And not all of them learn the same way. Some are better at picking up visual signals, others are better hands-on learners, while others are better at theorizing.

You’ve got to find where your child’s strengths lie, and for this, you’ll have to introduce them to programs that are made specifically for their interests. Fostering creativity and interest is the key.

Fostering Creativity and Learning Among Children

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The best part is that these programs focus on the child’s individual strength, which is also why such a vast number of them are offered. These programs can make all the difference in schoolchildren who you felt were making no progress earlier.

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