Strategies and Smiles — Benefits of Playing Board Games During the Holidays

At COMPUCHILD, we believe that STEAM and entrepreneurship education programs is vital to teaching modern technical skills. However, we also understand that unplugging is essential.

How do you ensure that your children are learning offline? Play board games with them! Board games offer a plethora of benefits. They enable you to have conversations with your kids, let your kids improve their strategic thinking, and boost their cognitive abilities and confidence. Here are 4 benefits of playing board games.

1.Improves Communication Skills

As children grow old, they want to be independent. That’s why you may have noticed your once-loquacious child shying away from having a conversation.

Rekindle their talkative spirit by playing board games. They allow children to talk about the game, react to the opponents, and discuss their ideas and strategies about their moves with other family members.

2.Follow Instructions Better

It doesn’t matter what is your child’s age, listening and following instructions are vital life skills. Your child must follow nonverbal instructions, like wearing clothes a certain way, and verbal instructions of the board game to win.

Children have an innate drive to win. They can’t win the game without carefully listening to the instructions and figuring out their moves. During this process, they learn how to do things and learn about the restrictions and boundaries.



3.Learn to Fail

Your child needs to master the skill of learning to deal with failure in social settings and school. Board games teach this critical life skill to children in a safe environment.

When you let your children win, you deny them the opportunity for them to lose and learn. It can encourage an unhealthy habit of seeing failure as a life-altering setback. When your children lose the game, tell them what went wrong. It’ll help them learn from their mistakes.

4.Encourage Strategy and Problem Solving

It’s impossible to win a board game without logical thinking. Children have to strategize their next move and have to think about the move their opponent will make. This systematic thinking and quick decision making allow children to succeed in all walks of life.

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