Why Should Kids Learn Coding & How Can Enrichment Programs Help?

Thirty years ago, the idea of children learning to code would have sounded strange. In 2022, it’s a reality, thanks to STEM education franchises like the one offered by CompuChild that provides enrichment programs for kids.

In its simplest form, coding is a method of communicating with a computer. It allows you to learn a programming language used to give computer instructions for different tasks and functions. It’s what enables developers to create websites, apps, video games, and software.

Coding for kids entails essentially the same thing. Coding courses teach children how to code their devices and code through 3D game development. They learn different digital communication skills, programming skills, algorithm writing, and several other skills. So, why should kids learn to code and how can our enrichment program help? Let’s find out.

Coding Teaches Kids Problem-Solving Skills

Learning to code is one of the most effective ways of boosting problem-solving skills. As children gain a deeper understanding of how computers function and the role of programming in creating various digital communication mediums, they develop a greater appreciation for how things work. The process also strengthens their problem-solving skills, allowing them to think more logically and rationally.

Coding presents coders with a fair share of challenges. They’re compelled to analyze things critically, break down complex tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks, and identify and implement creative solutions. Computer programming and coding give kids a first-hand insight into how software engineers and web developers apply their problem-solving skills to resolve issues. This not only teaches them new ways of approaching seemingly impossible problems but also boosts their cognitive function and development. They develop stronger conflict resolution and critical thinking skills which go a long way.

Coding Helps Children Have Fun with Math

Math is notorious for being a difficult subject. Students of all ages struggle with math and often find it an exceptionally challenging subject—so how does coding improve math skills?

Well, coding allows children to visualize different abstract concepts and apply math to real-life situations. As they learn how to code and program, they improve their data analytics and organization skills which are particularly important for mathematical concepts. Thus, they subconsciously strengthen their math skills as they learn to code.

Moreover, coding for kids makes math more fun. It gives them a chance to use their calculation, analysis, and logical reasoning skills to create computer applications or digital platforms, boosting engagement and creativity along the way. This is also why CompuChild emphasizes coding in its STEM enrichment programs.

Coding Helps Kids Develop a Career-Building Skill

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the demand for programmers and software developers is expected to grow drastically by 2028. Given the existing job market in the coding industry and the several job openings, it’s safe to say coding is here to stay. There’s already a growing demand for coders, and this is expected to increase in the future as technologies continue to evolve.

Learning to code during childhood allows kids to develop career-building skills. They can pick up the basics of programming and its applications early on, making it easier for them to pursue the field professionally as they get older. Even if children aren’t interested in becoming full-time coders, they can still benefit from the skill in their professional journeys. It never hurts to have a skill you can capitalize on, and programming knowledge can give individuals an edge over their competitors. Besides, who knows what kinds of new career opportunities will be available in the future that requires coding skills?

Become a STEM Education Franchise Owner Today

Do you want to help children develop strong coding and computational skills? It’s time to invest in a children’s education franchise that facilitates coding and programming through its enrichment programs.

CompuChild’s classes start with the foundation of logic which is a unique feature of the franchise. While most STEM programs focus only on programming languages, we go a step beyond regular programming. This is because programming languages keep changing, but the underlying logic remains the same. At CompuChild, our curricula start with pre-programming logic and build-up to various programming languages.

CompuChild presents educational entrepreneurs with a unique and innovative children’s education franchise. Our STEM-focused after-school enrichment programs help kids develop technical and interpersonal skills while helping them think critically and become more empowered. This helps them navigate real-life situations.

Contact our team today to learn more about our kids’ education franchise and own a franchise to contribute to kids’ digital literacy.