3 Ways You Can Introduce Robotics to Students

Robotics and automation are ubiquitous. They enable us to perform simple to complex tasks, from automatically turning on the lights to accelerating the factory’s production line. Their widespread uses and seamless integration in our lives have made them an industry of their own.

Realizing the potential of robotics to help children gain an edge in their professional lives, COMPUCHILD’s after school technology classes for kids introduced two programs – Lego Robotics Engineering and Pre-Programming Logic. Both these programs work in tandem to offer a robust experience and knowledge of building and programming robots.

Here are three ways teachers can introduce robots to students.


1.Start a Conversation

Statistics show that the global market for robotics is expected to amount to 210 billion dollars by 2025. Similarly, the automation industry is expected to reach around 214 billion dollars by the end of 2021.

You start a conversation about robotics and tell your students about how robotics has integrated into our lives—from bathroom faucets to remote controls. For older students, you can shift the conversation to how robots have adapted to every industry, ranging from surgery to home appliances.

You can develop a student’s interest in STEM enrichment programs by showing them how different appliances work and how they can automate a robot through coding.


2.Foster Hands-on Learning

Students learn in myriad of ways. However, the best of all is to let them get their hands dirty. This allows them to learn the skills and gain experience in robot programming and creating automation systems.

One excellent way to offer this learning opportunity is by letting the students build a robotic arm. The process will involve problem-solving, math, technical work, and coding. After they make it, they will see how useful it is to assemble and move things automatically.

Learning to code is one of the best technical skills a child can learn at this point in time. It can open doors for many lucrative careers ranging from game development to web design and software programming to app development.

3.Discover its Real-Life Applications

Investigating the real-life functions of robotics is another way to introduce robotics to students. They can learn the nuances of automation and code by seeing and experiencing robots firsthand—whether it’s through a case study or a field trip to a factory.

Something as simple as mobile screen brightness uses automation to adjust itself to the light in the room.

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