6 Tips Children Can Use to Create Great Digital Content

Stories have a transformative power to bring people together and garner empathy. Digital storytelling encourages children to become content creators rather than passive consumers. It allows them to weave text, images, and music to create content that can resonate with many.

If your kid is interested in digital storytelling, here are 6 tips to get them started.

1.Begin with an Idea

All great things start with an idea. An idea for a digital story can be as simple as a kid’s favorite object in their room or their favorite part. Once the child picks an idea, they can write a paragraph about it and make a mind-map about the ideas they want to explore in the thing they’ve chosen.

2.Research and Explore

It doesn’t matter if the story is fiction or nonfiction. The kids must research and explore the idea to learn more about it. For instance, if they’ve chosen their favorite park, they can learn about its history, interesting facts, and look at different images. This can help the kids frame a narrative with a wider perspective.


3.Write a Script

A blank screen or a sheet of paper can be intimidating for children. That’s why the two steps above can make this part easy.

When the kids have a paragraph about their initial idea and supplemental information through research, it’ll be easy for them to draft a script. They can choose to write it in the first or second person. We recommend that you encourage the kids to extend their vocabulary to bring variation in their language.

4.Create/Gather Images and Sounds

This step brings the text to life. Bringing their script and plan to life, students will find or create images and audio to add to their text. Everything that the kids will choose will impact their script positively or negatively. That’s why kids need to understand the ideas of tone and visual hierarchy.



The thing that makes storytelling digital is online sharing.

Kids can choose to make their blogs and share their content. They can also share their stories on social media like YouTube. It will help them become confident in their work and enable them to recognize their voice.


Feedback is extremely important if you want students to learn. This way, they can get to know more about themselves and their work. Feedback and comments from their peers will allow them to improve their digital storytelling skills.

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