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According to the US census bureau, the number of children expected to increase around 80.3 million by 2030. Parents are continuously striving to provide education to their children, making interactive classes and enrichment programs even more important and worthwhile. Here's why owning children's education franchise is a great idea:

Parents teaching their child to ride a bike by instilling confidence

Being entrepreneurial refers to being positive, confident, resourceful, creative, and resilient. An individual with entrepreneurial attributes can work out a solution to any problem they face.

Do you want your kid to be confident, influential, and successful? Raise them with an entrepreneurial mindset through COMPUCHILD’s Entrepreneurial STEM enrichment programs.

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Science helps children develop essential life skills, including communicating, remaining organized, and focused, and even forming their own opinion based on observation. Science also helps develop their senses and overall awareness:

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There's no doubt that critical thinking skills are one of the most sought-after when it comes to success in academic and professional life. But why does acquiring such skill have to be so complicated?

As educators and parents, we can often get entangled with the 'critical' part of the thinking process, looking into the complex problem-solving processes by using science and math problems. While the development of the analytical side of...


Do you have technology rules for your kids? Chances are you do. Most families have rules like ‘don’t text and drive’ or ‘no device at the dinner table’

A small study conducted by the University of Michigan and University of Washington, studied 249 parent-child pairs across 40 states. Their...

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Stories have a transformative power to bring people together and garner empathy. Digital storytelling encourages children to become content creators rather than passive consumers. It allows them to weave text, images, and music to create content that can resonate with many.

If your kid is interested in digital storytelling, here are 6 tips to get them started.