How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

Being entrepreneurial refers to being positive, confident, resourceful, creative, and resilient. An individual with entrepreneurial attributes can work out a solution to any problem they face.

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Nurture the Mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset helps children look both outward and inward. Here’s how:

Outward: It’s a belief that children can positively and meaningfully impact change and add value to an existing framework of processes and functions.

Inward: It’s an attitude developed to be cognizant of one’s abilities and how one can take failure and success in stride.

Putting the ideas of outward and inward-looking into practice, an entrepreneurial mindset can help individuals dream big about the future and have an optimistic outlook.

It helps them overcome barriers and teaches them the importance of practicing a skill with resilience in order to master it. As a result, they begin to view mistakes as lessons and opportunities to perform better.


Develop Their Skills

Fostering entrepreneurial skills entails practicing entrepreneurial tasks like pitching, decision-making, negotiating, and leadership on a daily basis.

You can develop entrepreneurial skills in children by giving them age-appropriate challenges and tasks that hone the entrepreneurial skills mentioned above.

Ask your kids what to cook for dinner and have them negotiate a deal that favors everyone. You can also help them plan their week by balancing work and play. To facilitate their leadership potential, give them charge of a family picnic.


Meet Role Models and Mentors

Introduce your child to various people from diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds. Talk about their work and lifestyle, giving them opportunities to learn from their experiences. In this process, you’ll play the role of an entrepreneurial mentor and lead by example.

When kids see others doing great things, they take it upon themselves to emulate that. Moreover, they also learn attitudes and behaviors that inculcate confidence and ownership in them.

You can introduce your kids to entrepreneurial mentors by telling them about their journeys of struggle and resilience. Ask your kids questions related to different parts of the story, such as why you think they did that? What do you think it would lead to? How did they overcome adversity?

Many successful entrepreneurs today had a role model they looked up to from an early age. Moreover, years of learning and conditioning enabled them to be successful in their lives. Your child can do that too.

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