How Can Arts Encourage a Sense of Community?

Teachers of the arts face challenges due to lack of budgets and preferential treatment given to sciences. Since education has gone remote, art teachers face challenges to increase the spirit of connection and caring. While they have appropriate skills to form meaningful connections with their students online, they can help create a sense of community by encouraging feelings of belonging through humanities and visual arts.

Teachers, along with students, should feel as if they're part of a community; incorporating visual storytelling and writing can help students feel just that. This, in turn, helps them communicate their ideas and collaborate over projects. Here's how arts can encourage a sense of community.


Connecting with the school's community is vital during remote learning. Teachers can organize schoolwide gatherings and run Zoom calls with prerecorded and live songs and storytelling activities. Students can be asked to watch a Disney animated movie and perform a song. For instance, they all can prepare the song "Into the Unknown" from Frozen 2 as it alludes to taking risks and following your heart. This song performance can help students bond over ambitions and future plans, helping them carve real connections.

A boy playing ukulele while sitting with his mother and sister

Create Art

Teachers can also encourage students to write songs about their life during the pandemic and compose it based on one song. It becomes interesting to see how the spirit of one song can churn out different feelings and emotions based on the lyrics.

Students can also make short animations or write blogs and share on a community platform where students can engage with others and share their works of art.

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 Girls coloring a notebook

Foster Compassion

We're living in precarious times. While most of us share the feelings of confinement, uncertainty, and hopelessness, there are silver linings that can help students connect. Teachers can conduct sessions on ethics to teach students about their social responsibility of wearing masks in public and the importance of charity. It can help students learn to be compassionate towards one another and be better versions of themselves.

Bottom Line

Arts in STEAM education have paved the way to humanize the sciences and make them more relatable. It's one of the vital means to help the student community grow through the connection and learning locally and globally.

The change will come, and arts can help students and teachers guide the way for it. Art teachers should look at their students and know how they can foster better connections to encourage a sense of community.

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