Enroll Category: Summer Programs

Mindstorm EV3 robotic summer camp

Mindstorms/EV3 Robotics

This camp prepares students to participate in a robotics competition. Campers will work on two challenges, the first one is the Obstacle Course Challenge and the second one is the Sumo Robot Wrestling challenge.

Compter aided design (CAD) summer camp

Learn to Create with CAD

Whether students want to become engineers, architects, or product designers, Computer Aided Design (CAD) gives them the opportunity to explore their creative side and learn valuable technical skills.

Advanced Lego Robotics summer camp

Advanced LegoTM Robotics

This summer enrichment STEM program in Robotics focuses on hands-on model building, drag & drop Scratch programming, and understanding of machines such as motors, gears, pulleys, sensors, etc.

WeDo Lego Robotics Summer Camp

WeDo LegoTM Robotics

In every class session students will use Lego pieces to build figures like Sea Lion, Dragster, Tank etc., and they will be introduced to mechanical and electrical mechanisms like sensors, gears, and pulleys.

Stop motion animation summer camp

Stop Motion Animation

Students will learn how to use stop motion as can be seen in many popular movies. They will receive step-by-step instructions, from video editing to the compilation of pictures, to make their movies.

Game Development with Roblox Summer Camp

Game Development with Roblox

This is a beginner course in designing and building video games. Students will be using the Roblox game engine to build 3D games and learn the fundamentals of programming while doing so.

Impactful blogging summer camp

How to Create an Impactful Blog

During our workshop, students will learn how to create and produce their own results oriented blogs. We will discuss everything from the effectiveness of the message and feedback management to using the right color scheme, font style, font size, page layout etc. to create an effective blog site.

Writer's Workshop

Speech and Debate Summer Camp

Learners will gain self-confidence and leadership skills while practicing their public speaking and debate/argumentation skills using real-world and current event topics at this beginner level.

Financial literacy summer camp

Financial Literacy Summer Camp

This fun, interactive and game-based course will introduce children with the fundamental understanding of currency, budgeting, taxes, investing, and other topics related to personal finance.

Electrical Engineering summer camp

Electrical Engineering with Circuits

Students will build doorbells, motion detectors, fans with lights, etc to learn the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ about energy, electricity, switches, battery, resistors, conductors, types of circuits, etc.

Roblox 3D game design summer camp

Design and Code your Own 3D Video Game with Roblox

Over the duration of this camp, students will gain hands-on experience building and designing OBBIES – obstacle courses of varying complexity – using Roblox Studio Editor and Lua programming language.

3D Printing summer camp

Build Your Toy with a 3D Pen

This camp is all about elevating imagination building their favorite toy. Campers will learn about 3D printing technology and 3D printers. Students will turn ordinary drawings into 3D works of art.

Outer space robotics summer camp

Outer Space Robotics

Build models of Moon Explorer Vehicle, Star Fighter, Interplanetary Repair Station and many more. Develop an understanding of machine parts, programming concepts, and scientific observations.

Aquatic Life Robotics summer camp

Aquatic Life Robotics

Campers will discover the field of robotics and will develop an understanding of key machine parts, basic programming concepts and scientific observations related to the functioning of machines.

Jurrasic Dyno Robotics summer camp

Jurassic Dyno Robotics

Build Jurassic age models of Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and many more, while developing an understanding of machine parts, their functioning, and programming concepts.

Heavy Machines Robotics Summer Camp

Heavy Machines Robotics

Our Heavy Machines Robotics Camp will focus on hands-on model building, drag & drop programming, and understanding of machines such as motors, gears, pulleys, cams, sensors etc. While doing this they will discover the field of robotics and will develop an understanding of key machine parts, basic programming concepts and scientific observations related to the functioning of machines.

Entrepreneurship summer camp


Students will learn about the process of starting a business from start to finish. The camp will culminate in a class presentation where students will come up with an idea to start their own business.

Jurassic to Space Age Robotics Summer Camp

Jurassic To Space Age Robotics

CompuChild’s robotics summer camp is filled with exciting and complex model building. We hope to inspire our budding engineers and foster their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Campers will focus on hands-on model building, understanding of machines such as motors, gears, pulleys, sensors etc. and drag & drop programming to make the models move.

Minecraft Marathon Summer Camp

Minecraft Marathon (Online Coding, 3D Game)

In this Minecraft coding and modding course, students will design and code games. They will deepen their foundational understanding of parameters, variables, array lists, loops and methods. Live instructor lessons every week by very experienced coach. Instructor assigned work to be completed by students during the week before the next class to keep up with other students. Low teacher to student ratio.

Scratch programming summer camp

Scratch Sprint (Online Coding, 2D Game)

Fully project based class where they make games like Bug Catcher, Dino, Flappy Bat, Maze, Brick Breaker and many more. During this course they will learn if-then block, variables, loops and functions. Live instructor lessons every week followed by access of tutorials which provide step by step instructions on how to create games and learn coding skills.