Fostering Independence in Kids: How Entrepreneurship Focused After-School Programs Help

Child specialists and researchers have long stressed the importance of encouraging independence in young children. Kids who learn how to think and act independently at an early age tend to develop a greater sense of autonomy and self-resilience, enhanced social skills, and better critical thinking skills.

Child specialists and researchers have long stressed the importance of encouraging independence in young children. Kids who learn how to think and act independently at an early age tend to develop a greater sense of autonomy and self-resilience, enhanced social skills, and better critical thinking skills.

One way to inculcate independency in kids is by enrolling them in an after-school enrichment program focused on entrepreneurship. In this blog, we’ll share why it’s crucial for kids to learn how to become independent, and how our after-school programs can help.

The Link between Entrepreneurship and Independence

Have you ever wondered why entrepreneurs enjoy what they do so much? According to a poll, the freedom to do things on their own terms is what drives entrepreneurs to start their own ventures. Independence is considered one of the core aspects of entrepreneurship, and a major reason why hundreds of individuals actively pursue it each year.

In addition to this, entrepreneurship also inspires independence. While entrepreneurship may involve collaboration, entrepreneurs are still the ones who get to call the shots. They’re responsible for making critical decisions, building strategies, and laying out a plan for their venture. Thus, not only does entrepreneurship offer independence, but it also encourages it.

This is why entrepreneurship focused after-school enrichment programs offered by CompuChild are so important for children. Entrepreneurship is a mindset that can be developed right from childhood.

Our unique Entrepreneurial STEAM based programs encourage children to explore topics in STEM and STEAM while drawing their attention to effective application of technology for the good of the society. The core idea behind our entrepreneurial education is to develop core skills such as financial awareness, effective communication and ethical consideration, that would help children throughout their lives.

Here’s why you should invest in our children’s education franchise to foster independence in kids.

To Improve Kids’ Confidence

Independence gives kids confidence in their abilities. When they realize they’re capable of learning or executing a new skill, taking decisions themselves, or doing things their way, they feel more confident. The newfound independence gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them more willing to try new things, even the ones they were afraid of earlier.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset further encourages independency. It allows kids to evaluate their skills, feel more motivated to attempt challenges, and strive for self-improvement. In doing so, they become less dependent on others and experience validation in other forms than gaining approval from someone. The confidence inspired by independence and entrepreneurial learning helps them become more self-driven and learn how to tackle challenging situations more proactively.

To Make Kids More Responsible

Our after-school enrichment programs also instill a sense of responsibility in kids. Through entrepreneurial learning, kids learn how to independently do tasks. This helps them become more responsible and take accountability for their work. Since they know they have the freedom to do certain things their way, they also know that they’re responsible for their actions. They learn to take ownership of their work. In doing so, they also become more aware, careful, and attentive.

An entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to do things themselves. They learn how to think creatively to work more efficiently and productively. The sense of independence teaches them to be more involved in their work, pay attention to detail, and think of the bigger picture, helping them become responsible young individuals.

To Teach Children How to Help Others

Children who are confident in their abilities and can work independently are also good at helping their peers. By teaching a child to become independent, you’re also teaching them leadership skills. They can use their confidence to share their skills or knowledge with their peers and help them succeed. Children learn how to make decisions, be cooperative, and develop skills to help other people to the best of their abilities.

For instance, a child who has learned how to use a computer application and doesn’t need adult assistance with it will be more eager to show his peers how it’s done. They’ll also be more willing to solve their problems and help them overcome their challenges, displaying leadership traits.

To Help Children Learn Important Life Skills

Finally, fostering independence through after-school enrichment programs helps children learn several crucial life skills. For instance, they learn how to manage their time more efficiently, streamline work by delegating or prioritizing certain tasks, communicate effectively to work in a team, and handle different situations using different approaches. Most importantly, children learn at a very early age about managing change. The work environment and social drivers are changing so quickly these days that being able to adapt is the most important skill that children need to learn in order to thrive in the future work-force or the future society. An entrepreneurial mindset is more-or-less a life skill that enables children to be ready for the fast-changing world.

When kids have a heightened sense of independence, they’re more excited to manage their affairs and proactively handle tasks. This skill opens the doors for countless other skills, enabling them to use their entrepreneurial education to their advantage and develop core life skills that they’ll use during adulthood.

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