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Students do not have to attend Round Rock ISD schools to participate!

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CompuChild® of North Austin

Since 1994, CompuChild has been dedicated to preparing children for the academic challenges of tomorrow through technology education today. To accomplish our mission, we:

Our classes are offered throughout the year. After-School Centers and Elementary Schools, are welcome to contact us to learn more about our program.

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Writer's Workshop

Speech and Debate Summer Camp

Learners will gain self-confidence and leadership skills while practicing their public speaking and debate/argumentation skills using real-world and current event topics at this beginner level.

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Unlock the secrets of advanced mathematics with our immersive program. Students will dive deep into complex concepts, mastering problem-solving, and logical reasoning. Engage in stimulating

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About the owner

Poonam Hiray

Poonam Hiray

Master of Education: Curriculum & Instructions
With 17 years of educational experience, Mrs. Hiray has served as an Academic Dean, Curriculum Developer, Instructional Coach, Data Analyst, Instructional Technologist as well as a teacher and mentor. As an educational leader, Mrs. Hiray believes in developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Mrs. Hiray understands the importance of technology and stresses the need for a well-rounded educational experience for our 21st-century learners.

As a proud educator, she wants to contribute to creating a bright future for these young and high-achieving leaders. Mrs. Hiray firmly believes that at Compuchild every child will be successful by providing them the opportunity, proper guidance, and necessary instructional tools. Compuchild's learning environment fosters confidence and encourages children to reach their full potential by doing their BEST!

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