Spelling the T in STEAM: How is Technology Changing the Communication Landscape

STEM education has led engineers, inventors, and tech experts to transform the face of collaboration and communication. Over the last few years, technology has seen unprecedented growth as breakthroughs have continued at an exponential pace.

When contemporary communication and technology come together, innovation blossoms and this hasn’t only happened inside elite institutions, but inside homes, offices, and classrooms as well. It’s where COMPUCHILD’s after school program franchise have also played a significant role in strengthening the spirit of Entrepreneurial STEAM™ among children.

This blog highlights how technology is changing the face of communication today.

Internet of Things

Itrefers to the interconnectivity between digital devices like cars, smartphones, sensors, apps, and home appliances. According to research, 49% of the world’s population is connected online. The better the connectivity between these devices is, the greater the efficiency of collaboration, communication, and productivity. But it’s not only limited to how devices interact. It’s also about how we interact with them—innovations are supplementing this in augmented reality.

Augmented Reality

In a system with augmented reality, people view their surroundings over a technological overlay like a phone screen or wearable devices such as Google Glass that can project digital information, like navigation, advertising, news updates, etc., in real-time in front of you.


Health Tech

Wearable health tech is expanding avenues in the ways we listen to and understand our bodies. These gadgets, like smartwatches, examine our vitals to help us keep a check on our health. These devices tell us about the calories we burn, the steps we walk, and tell us how well our body is performing.

This form of personalized communication has enabled us to make healthier choices in life and has facilitated healthcare professionals to collaborate with their patients in their quest for well-being. These devices have also created a support system by connecting friends and families to reach their fitness goals.

Holographic Technology

Video conferencing will soon be obsolete as the upcoming hologram technology will allow us to project a 3D rendition of a person to a different location in real-time. While it’s currently possible through virtual reality headsets and gaming, this communication technology will level up to have holographic telepresence allowing us to see holograms without needing a VR headset.


Digital Telepathy

It’s expected that soon, technology will enable us to communicate our thoughts to another person’s mind directly. Signs of this technology can be seen in the brain-to-computer interfaces that transmit our ideas directly into the computer or smartphone.

This blog covers only a few examples of how technology will change the communication landscape. Perhaps, as you’re reading this, a group of STEAM experts may be ideating the next big thing.

Want to be a part of this changing face of technology?

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These programs can play a massive role in shaping your child’s thinking capabilities in the field of tech and foster a culture of collaboration among them.

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