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Given the current lack of STEM-focused initiatives in early school education systems and the growing need for technology and entrepreneurial skills in the modern workforce, it is important to find ways to fill these gaps. Supporting or owning an after-school enrichment STEM franchise can significantly help...


STEM education is fast gaining momentum. However, there’s a growing need to focus on STEM applications and education to ensure smooth integration of knowledge.

Let’s take a look at why and how STEM education can be linked to practical applications.

why should kids learn robotics

Robotics for kids is a hands - on and entertaining way for child to learn. STEAM and STEM principles by allowing them to construct their own robots:

teacher inside a classroom

Entrepreneurship has been in the black and white realm of business for a while now, but with the recent interest in millennials entering the workforce, it is becoming more and more relevant. Consider teaching your child entrepreneurship — they can teach themselves how to start a successful company or be creative about their ideas instead of taking someone else's. Here are some reasons why you should get your child into entrepreneurship:

kid jumping with a rockets his hand

STEM and STEAM education is a growing trend that's sweeping the nation. It's also a movement that higher ed insiders believe is one of the most important and transformative developments in education today. STEM and STEAM education not only teaches skills; it stimulates creativity, fosters critical thinking, and encourages curiosity.

woman teaching online

As hard as teachers work, they remain one of the most underpaid professions in the world. It's no wonder so many teachers are seeking other avenues for generating income and searching for growth.

Here are part-time business ideas for teachers looking to build an additional stream of money into their...

A child playing a brain-teaser game on a smartphone

Studies suggest that there will be millions of work opportunities available in the field of AI within the next decade. So when's a better time to start teaching your kids about artificial intelligence than now?

AI education adds...

A kid busy learning online

Programming is the wave of the future. So why not utilize this time to teach your kids about coding, programming, and entrepreneurship?

A mother sorting clothes and toys with her baby

While many parents think the elementary or middle school age is too early to educate kids about running a business, we think otherwise. Doing a business is not just about making money. It's a complete process from planning and classifying earnings.

Teachings kids about entrepreneurship at a young age can...

supporting your child's art and creativity.JPG

Encouraging your child's art will help him grow, develop a healthy mental state, and build cognitive, communication and many other skills.


High-school afterschool programs promote positive development and offer a space where youth can explore their potential. They provide settings that bring a wide range of benefits to them:

A teacher using interdisciplinary approach while teaching

Interdisciplinary learning refers to drawing knowledge from two or more disciplines and blending it for a holistic learning experience that focuses on critical thinking, integrative learning, and problem-solving. All of COMPUCHILD’s enrichment programs for children focus on an interdisciplinary education...

A girl leaning on her table because of bad grades

The results are in. A student anxiously flips through the last page of the essay to see their grade instead of reading the comments on the writing. Parents happily text and emails their children congratulating them on the grades they received rather than the academic growth they experienced.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? That's because students are too fixated on grades and not learning. Here's how we can reverse this.

Young entrepreneurs

Inculcating an understanding of entrepreneurship and incorporating it into the school curriculum is crucial in teaching children essential soft skills. This includes communication, calculation, and creativity. The earlier they get this exposure, the quicker they can succeed.

After school entrepreneurship classes for kids can help develop confidence so that children can communicate and...

children learn science.JPG

Science helps children develop essential life skills, including communicating, remaining organized, and focused, and even forming their own opinion based on observation. Science also helps develop their senses and overall awareness:


Teachers of the arts face challenges due to lack of budgets and preferential treatment given to sciences. Since education has gone remote, art teachers face challenges to increase the spirit of connection and caring. While they have appropriate skills to form meaningful connections with their students online, they can help create a sense of community by encouraging feelings of belonging through humanities and visual arts.


Engaged students in a class

Hindered by fluctuating schedules, video screens, and ever-changing COVID-19 regulations, teachers are struggling to keep up with their students and increasing classroom engagement. While introductory activities are usually conducted at the beginning of the year, they should be carried out around the year for better classroom engagement prospects.

Whether the students love to play frisbee, have four dogs, or enjoy photography and...


Robotics education is increasingly getting integrated into schools. It's mainly because K12 school students will graduate when the workforce is thriving on the technological front – an era when robots will be used widely for different purposes.

It doesn't matter if these children choose a career in robotics and coding or not. Learning about robots can teach them vital skills like teamwork, programming, analytical thinking, innovation,...

Mother helping her son paint

There's no doubt that critical thinking skills are one of the most sought-after when it comes to success in academic and professional life. But why does acquiring such skill have to be so complicated?

As educators and parents, we can often get entangled with the 'critical' part of the thinking process, looking into the complex problem-solving processes by using science and math problems. While the development of the analytical side of...

A franchisee working remotely

Most of the time, preschoolers lack the words to describe their feelings. It takes some time for a child to develop introspection. Introspection, also known as the eighth sense, can help children understand and feel what's going on inside their...

A franchisee working remotely

Starting a business has never been as fraught with risks and peril as much as it's now due to the uncertain economic conditions of the pandemic. However, multiunit franchisees are aware that franchising an after-school STEAM franchise, like COMPCUHILD, provides built-in security.

That's because we've done...

robotics program.JPG

Robotics is a great way to introduce children to complex concepts like writing code, applying theory, and engineering in a fun and engaging way. Here are a few ways a robotics program can help you child:


Following are the ways to teach your children Entrepreneurial skills:


Robotics as a learning tool is a great way to introduce children to the world of STEM education. It can help introduce complex and often boring concepts like writing code, applying theory, and engineering in a fun and engaging way for young kids.

Today, we will talk about the benefits your children can have from learning robotics at an early age.

Parents teaching their child to ride a bike by instilling confidence

Being entrepreneurial refers to being positive, confident, resourceful, creative, and resilient. An individual with entrepreneurial attributes can work out a solution to any problem they face.

Do you want your kid to be confident, influential, and successful? Raise them with an entrepreneurial mindset through COMPUCHILD’s Entrepreneurial STEM enrichment programs.

 A kid attending after-school enrichment program

Research shows that school children spend around 80% of their waking hours outside the school, and one in every five children spends most of the day after school alone. Therefore, after school program franchise can foster youth development and help children explore their potential.

After-school programs...

creative Young children.JPG

Learn about the importance of creativity in young children below:

A blackboard with a math sum

A well-formulated word problem gives elementary school students a measurable context to understand mathematical concepts.

We need to realize that it’s essential for students to access the content of the problem, and for that, it must be culturally appropriate. Providing students with proper context is vital for them to understand...

A robot

Robotics and automation are ubiquitous. They enable us to perform simple to complex tasks, from automatically turning on the lights to accelerating the factory's production line. Their widespread uses and seamless integration in our lives have made them an industry of their own.

Realizing the potential of robotics to help children gain an edge in their professional lives, COMPUCHILD’s...

Preschoolers making shapes with paper

COMPUCHILD’s STEAM education franchise focuses on kindling the spirit of inquiry in young children by merging STEM concepts with arts. Over decades, we’ve formulated courses that focus on the hands-on approach to learning complex ideas and applying them to solve real-world problems.

Our after school enrichment programs have surpassed the...

Fun Science Experiments For Children


The changing landscape of science and technology in the modern world has exposed us to several innovative, efficient, and cutting-edge discoveries. And robots are the most interesting of them all!

The field of robotics encompasses several concepts like design, production, creation, and operation. As much as robots intrigue us, young minds find it more fascinating.


A child coloring a sheet of paper with crayons

Children develop motor skills from the age of 3 till 5. These skills comprise coordination, balance, reaction time, body awareness, and physical strength.

Children learn to fine-tune these motor skills to be able to carry out intricate tasks like writing letters, cutting shapes, and making straight lines between the ages of 5 and 7. Sensory play...

A close-up shot of bulb with dark background

Kids are intrigued by the concept of electricity, creating a spark, or lighting up a small bulb. Teaching them about electric circuits, sockets, and wires is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. It allows them to develop a good foundation for courses in the field of science.

In this blog, we're sharing some useful tips and tricks that our trained staff implement in science and tech enrichment programs for children at COMPUCHILD. Use...

A computer with a stuffed toy and toast

Stories have a transformative power to bring people together and garner empathy. Digital storytelling encourages children to become content creators rather than passive consumers. It allows them to weave text, images, and music to create content that can resonate with many.

If your kid is interested in digital storytelling, here are 6 tips to get them started.

A child and an adult holding a flower

Human development research shows that humans have seeds of care, empathy, and compassion from the time they’re born. However, if you want your child to become an ethical and caring person, you must help them in every stage of their growth and water those seeds so that the plant germinates into a strong tree by the time your children are mature....

A child attaching wires to a robot’s circuit

Robotics and AI are becoming buzz words in our tech-driven world, but our understanding of these is very limited. We link robotics to self-driven cars and chatbots.

While these inventions are important in our lives, the benefits robotics have to offer in bringing the new era of STEAM education can outweigh them.

Brainstorming: Why it's Important Before Writing

It's the process of generating creative ideas and writing them down before preparing the final draft. Brainstorming eliminates restrictions; it lets your kids spills out what they think. It allows them to express freely. learn more about it below:

An open book with 3d illustrations and dancing letters

During these trying times of isolation and separation because of the coronavirus, everyone — especially children — need to connect with the community, build relationships, and cultivate a...

A child’s hard with green paint all over

When we think about creative expression, most of us think about the outcome — an attention-grabbing story, a beautiful song, or a picturesque painting. But the creative expression isn't just about the product. Its process is doubly important.

COMPUCHILD kid's education franchise believes that creativity is a journey to foster originality, imagination, productivity, and problem-solving skills. Therefore, it makes creative expression...

A group of girls looking eagerly at a laptop screen

A lot has been written about how visual communication tends to be more effective than the text based communication. The appetite for consuming information through video-based content has been growing exponentially. As a result, there has been significant emphasis on animation, which has now...

Ways To Improve Your Child's Communication Skills

10% of the students in secondary school have long-term persistent speech, language and communication needs which hinder their ability to engage with education. This is why, communication's fundamental for a child's development.

 A family playing backgammon and drinking juice

At COMPUCHILD, we believe that STEAM and entrepreneurship education programs is vital to teaching modern technical skills. However, we also understand that unplugging is essential.

How do you ensure that your children are learning offline? Play board games with them! Board games offer a plethora of benefits. They enable you to have conversations with your kids, let your kids improve...


Communication skills are vital for children to succeed in life. It isn't limited to the ability to talk. Instead, communication also involves listening, writing, and interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues.

While excellent communication skills come naturally to some children, many children struggle to make themselves understood. Here are 5 ways you can polish your child's communication skills.

Interior of a self-driving Tesla, which represents the advancements in AI technology

Technological developments are emerging at an exponential rate in the modern world. Every time we scroll through our social media feeds or have a look at the news, there is something about a latest technological advancement related to new electronic and smart devices being developed or introduced to the public.

Six kids joining hands together

When it comes to digital literacy, schools with higher budgets can provide better facilities to their students, leaving low-income schools behind.

Support Children's science learning.JPG

Following these tips, you can support children's science learning:

A little girl playing with colorful kinetic sand

In today's technologically advanced and rapidly changing world, children should be equipped to absorb data and use critical thinking skills to compare, contrast, analyze, and solve complex problems. While innovative STEM classes for kids can play a significant role in doing that, parents should use different ways to nurture their kids'...

Introduction to Machines.JPG

Children's are curious; they're keen on experimenting and learning new, interesting things. Machines are a contributing factor toward development and progress. Let your child know how they help make our lives easier and comfortable. Here are the simple ones to start with:

red, yellow, green, and blue Lego® blocks

Ever wondered what good a couple of eight-stud Lego® bricks can do? A lot more than you can think! To begin, six eight-stud Legos® can create more than 915 million different combinations. It means that there are millions of opportunities for your child to learn.

According to UNICEF, play is a crucial element in your...

 child studying using a tablet

Computer science is future-proof, they say, and we’d agree. With a world that’s moving toward robotics, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and space exploration, it’s no wonder that the field is burgeoning.

It’s already being estimated, for example, that computer science graduates...

a child engaged in studying

“My son/daughter isn’t paying attention in class” is a common enough complaint—one that educationists and teachers hear all the time. An attention deficit, a lack of focus, and slow work completion are all issues that commonly plague kids—and bother their parents.

Kid learning new skills during lockdown

According to the UN, 188 countries have imposed countrywide school closures, affecting more than 1.5 billion children and youth.

With children stuck at home and parents forced to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it has been challenging to find creative and productive ways to keep them engaged.

Here's what you can do to keep them occupied.

How Programming Robots in STEM Programs is Helping Prepare Kids for the Future

We have a gnarly understanding of robots—mostly thanks to Hollywood. From Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey to Jonathan Nolan’s Westworld, people have been conditioned to think that robots are necessarily evil. Then there’s...

Teaching Kids About Money

A number of people say that giving money to children isn’t a great idea—but does that mean you shouldn’t talk to them about it either?

5 Tips to Help Your Child Build Their Focus Skills

One of the biggest issues faced by school-going children is the inability to concentrate. The inability to focus on schoolwork and pay attention in class is becoming prevalent among young children. It has left their parents wondering what’s causing it and how they can fix it.

why children need to learn science.PNG

Children are always curious about the things happening around them. From a moon that shines to a butterfly that flies, they keep wondering what makes things behave a certain way.

Here are the reasons why children need to learn it:

3 Science Experiments for Inquisitive Young Kids

Studies have shown that what children learn at home has a greater impact on their intellectual abilities and stays with them for longer than what they learn at school and other educational institutions. Even though children are unable to go to school due to the pandemic, there intellectual growth and learning shouldn’t...

5 New Skills Your Kids Can Learn While Being Stuck at Home

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents in the United States and Canada as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the extended closure of schools. With children stuck at home and...

3 Ways to Make Screen Time More Productive for Your Kids.png

Kids these days are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. According to the Ontario Student Health survey, children in grades 7 to 12 in Canada spend up to seven hours a day in front of screens, including televisions, computers, smartphones, and other gadgets.

There has been a lot of research on how excessive screen time affects the physical and mental health of children. According to the data gathered, using screens...

Reasons to invest in children's education franchise.jpg

According to the US census bureau, the number of children expected to increase around 80.3 million by 2030. Parents are continuously striving to provide education to their children, making interactive classes and enrichment programs even more important and worthwhile. Here's why owning children's education franchise is a great idea:


In the Beginning, COMPUCHILD was founded to meet a specific get kids prepared for success at school. Upon entering elementary school, kids started using computers at school. Our founder realized that preschoolers were at a considerable advantage if they started working on computers prior to heading off to elementary school. Most families did not have computers at home and most child care centers and preschools did not have...


STEM education has been in the news for quite some time, and has proven to help children become critical thinkers and problem solvers. More recently educators have added Art to the acronym, now STEAM.

STEAM activities allow children to explore their surroundings and create solutions while learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This integrated learning process encourages critical thinking and helps children think like...


Pokémon GO! This little app, based on the huge franchise of video games, card games, and cartoons, has become insanely popular. The game appeals to a variety of ages. Parents with little ones, teens, pre-teens, adults. Everyone is going crazy for this game.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that requires an internet connection with GPS tracking and movement in the real world. Parents need to know that playing the game involves...


Do you have technology rules for your kids? Chances are you do. Most families have rules like ‘don’t text and drive’ or ‘no device at the dinner table’

A small study conducted by the University of Michigan and University of Washington, studied 249 parent-child pairs across 40 states. Their...