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Since 1994, CompuChild has been dedicated to preparing children for the academic challenges of tomorrow through technology education today. To accomplish our mission, we:

Our classes are offered throughout the year. After-School Centers and Elementary Schools, are welcome to contact us to learn more about our program.

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3rd to 5th

This fun, interactive course will introduce children with the fundamental understanding of barter system and the evolution of currency. Students will also learn about the differences between needs and wants. Concepts of budgeting and taxes will be introduced to underscore the significance of expense management. Various active and passive sources of income will be discussed.

FAQs for Mountain House Parents

How can I get additional details on the 4 after-school enrichment classes that are being offered by CompuChild at Mountain House during Spring 2023?

There are 2 on-line enrollment forms and each of those forms have two downloadable flyers. Please feel free to download those pdf files to learn more about each course. You can also scroll up and view the details right on this website.

Can a student from grade 3 enroll in all 4 courses?

CompuChild is offering 4 courses in Spring 2023. There are 2 courses for grades K-3 students and 2 courses for grades 3-5 students. Parents can enroll their children in each set of these 2 courses by using one enrollment form. We allow some discretion to students in grade 3 depending on their exposure to these topics. Since there is an overlap, all 3rd graders can join all 4 courses if they like, which will require parents to use both enrollment forms. Except for the 3rd grade, parents of all other grade students can use only 1 form to enroll their students in 1 or 2 courses according to their preference.

What if my 3rd grader wants one course from the first form and another one from the second form?

While parents who use 1 enrollment form to enroll their children into two classes can get the 15% discount on the second course automatically by clicking on their choice to enroll in both courses, there is no way to get the discount if they are choosing one class from one form and another class from the other form. This can happen only in the case of 3rd grade students. In that situation, please go ahead, enroll your child and send us an email. We will refund 15% from the second course into your account.

There is a 15% discount on the second course that one takes. What's the discount for taking 3 or 4 courses?

If one takes 3 courses then there is no additional discount beyond the 2nd course. If one takes 4 courses then there is an additional 15% discount on the 4th course. In summary, if one takes 4 courses then they will receive a 15% discount on 2 courses.

Are there makeup classes if my child misses a class?

There will be no makeup for missed classes.

Can I get a refund after enrollment?

Refunds are allowed only before classes begin. Fees are non-refundable after the beginning of the session. Our classes have been very well received by parents and students in various school districts. If parents did not enroll a child then that spot could have gone to another child in the waiting list.

Will the same course be offered in the next semester?

CompuChild has a diverse set of curricula in STEM and Entrepreneurship. We plan to offer our after-school enrichment classes throughout the year, including summer camps. Given the breadth of our curricula, we do not expect to repeat the same course for the same level student for approximately 2 years.

Do children need to bring anything to the class?

CompuChild instructors bring robotic kits, electrical circuit kits, computers, tablets, projectors, etc. to the class. Children do not bring anything – other than their excitement for learning :-).

What's the typical student/teacher ratio in these classes?

We try to maintain a student/teacher ratio of ~15/1 for hands-on classes such as robotics and electrical circuits. For other classes, we maintain a student/teacher ratio of ~24/1.

Is there any homework?

Most of our classes have a final project where children demonstrate what they have learnt from the class through props, posters and presentations. We also recommend various observations and inquiries which are discussed in the next class. Other than these, there is no required homework that needs to be graded.

Is there any test or exam?

We do an assessment of every child on the first day of the class for our internal use, and provide a very brief feedback at the end of the class. While CompuChild is very focused on making sure that children learn from these classes, we are also cognizant that a test/exam focused environment hampers the excitement for learning. We do not make our evaluation available to parents. Parents should talk to their children to understand if they are benefiting from our classes.

Do children work together? How are they grouped?

Teamwork is one of the most important skills that students will learn in our class. We typically provide one robotic or electrical circuit kit to a group of 3 students. Students take turn to build these models and projects. We try to group children in a way that there is a minimum difference between the grade levels in one group. Our instructors keep an eye on the group dynamic and try to change the group if necessary.

How does a parent find out what happened in the class? Will my child bring any models home?

Most of the building and programming happens with expensive robotic and electrical circuit kits. We cannot afford to give these parts and models to children. They will use these parts to build another model in the the next class. One way to communicate what happened in the class is by posting pictures and video of activities in the class on CompuChild’s web page and social media sites. For that, parents need to allow us to take pictures of children and their activities in class which we can use for sharing with parents and our marketing purposes. You have this option in the enrollment form. We believe the best way to find out what happened in the class is to talk to your child. This gives them an opportunity to recollect, which reinforces the ideas that we highlight in our class.

Can I pick my child up from the parking lot?

Our enrollment form asks if parents will be picking up their child from the class or their child is allowed to walk home on their own. If parents indicate that they will be picking up their child from the class then they will need to come to the door at the class.

What if I am late in picking up my child?

Parents/guardians are fully responsible for picking up children within five minutes of the dismissal time. The school district allows us the room for very specific hours. Your delay will require our instructors to wait with your child, sometimes even outside the classroom. After the first 5 minutes, we will be charging parents $5 for every 10 minute delay. CompuChild has the policy of passing on 100% of these fines to our instructors who wait with the child.

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Shubhra Kant (Franchisor)

Shubhra Kant (Franchisor)

We are CompuChild of Mountain House, CA, serving residents of the city of Mountain House. We strongly believe that children are our future, and while a strong understanding of science and technology is important, it needs to be complemented with effective communication, an understanding of economic viability, and ethical decision-making to seed a positive entrepreneurial mindset that will truly enable them to shape a better future for our world. This philosophy has led to her emphasis on Entrepreneurial STEAM™. We are excited to be serving the Mountain House community with innovative, effective, hands-on, and fun-filled after-school enrichment classes.

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